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Subject Line: The REAL reason men fall OUT of love (you MUST know what it is...)

Subject: Yes, Men fall out of love - unless you know this

Subject: How to know if a man really love you

Do you know the moment a man falls in love with you?

Most women think it’s when he actually says the words, "I love you?"

Yet, even when he says those words, he could still lose interest unless he goes through a specific emotional pathway that makes him fall deeper in love with you than he’s ever imagined.

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Haven’t you known a girlfriend who had the man she loved suddenly “fall out of love”  ( maybe that’s something you’ve experienced in your life.)

It’s easy to think he never loved her in the first place; but the truth is that his love wasn’t deep and strong enough to keep him dedicated to her..

This is why he’s head over heels in love one day...and then for no apparent reason the next day he acts cold and distant towards you.

Here’s how to draw your cold distant man back to your warm embrace <link>

And here’s what’s critical for you to know.

No matter what he tells you.

No matter how much you rack your brain trying to remember all the “mistakes” you made…

It’s not your fault.

Men have to go through 5 stages to fall in love with someone forever.

When a man pulls away it isn’t because you’ve done something wrong, it’s because he’s “stuck” at a certain emotional stage.

Here’s what will melt his cold heart <link>

If that progression gets interrupted or if you skip even one stage, that will be the reason why he suddenly "falls out of love."

Here’s the good news: Bob Grant has cracked the code.
Bob is a licensed relationship counselor who has helped thousands of women and couples to overcome any relationship issue.

And after all that experience – Bob has found a pattern.

He calls it: The Bonding Code— and when you discover this secret passage way into a man’s heart, he won’t be able to stop himself from falling helplessly in love with you.

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Before we go any further, I spoke with Bob who told me about a pattern he sees with so many successful and attractive women:

“So many women want their relationship happen “naturally” and they ignore my advice…
They assume that the more intense a man feels, the deeper he loves you.

I have to tell you that you’ve been told a lie. Assuming a man understands his emotions is just as dangerous a giving a 2 year old the keys to a car and assuming he knows how to drive.
But when you know how to use your emotions to reach deep into a man’s heart, all his resistance will simply melt as he feels waves and waves of love fill his heart every time you enter the room.

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Because underneath his calm exterior there is a hunger for you that’s just waiting to be awakened.

When you are the only woman who knows how to unlock his emotional pathway, he’ll know that it’s pointless for him to look any longer.

You alone will can take his edge off when he comes home at night.

You are the one he can’t wait to talk with on the phone (and he won’t be satisfied with simply texting you).

And he’ll put his arms around you night after night knowing he’s the luckiest man alive. That’s how powerful The Bonding Code is…
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(your name)

P.S. If you ignore this chance to find out how men truly fall in love, you’re already at a disadvantage. Maybe he goes through the 5 stages with you, or maybe another woman knows how to guide him through the turbulent times. I’d rather it be you. Find out how to have his love forever right now.
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Subject Line: What makes him COMMIT to you

Hi it's [Your name here],

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the HOOK UP Industry yet but you should burn it into your brain…

This is the billion dollar industry that is ruthlessly training men that staying in a committed relationship is for losers.

That being able to hook up with a woman is what makes a real man.

Should this concern you?

I guess it depends if you want more than “friends with benefits”?

Because unlike 50 years ago, men ARE BEING PROGRAMMED with this message every day.

That falling in love is old fashion.

That a relationship is nothing more than a 30 minute "hook up."

And women are replaced as easy as a swipe of a finger over the touchscreen...

Some women are taking a stand though.

They're taking back their men and relationships.

How? By activating his Alpha Bonding Sequence...

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See, there are multibillion dollar companies like Mixxer, Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Maddison, Plenty of Fish that spend millions of dollare telling men that they should never be "tied down" to just one woman.

Now, for a while..he'll ignore their tempting offers...

...but what happens if you're had an agruement, or you say the "wrong thing" in a text message?

It's suddenly very easy to click that advertisment and take a quick look around...

And before long he's already started the doubting dealth spiral.

Soon he's thinking to himself, "Hey this is too much work."

But there is one thing that KEEPS men faithful and KEEPS him from EVER doubting his love for it at the link below...

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Bob Grant is a licensed relationship expert who's discovered why the Hook Up Industry can't touch certain men.

When a woman activates The Bonding Code within a man, it unleashes his most primitive desire that frequently caused HIM to beg her for a commitment.

Listen as Bob explains The Bonding Code here: >> [Affiliate Link]


[Your Name Here]

P.S. It's hard enough finding a decent guy. Keeping him happy for life..well that's another story entirely. Add in huge multinational companies that are hell bent on pulling you apart and it becomes almost imossible. And that's why Bob Grant's approach is so clever. Once ou hear what's in this video you'll know exactly what will make a man realize you are the ONLY woman for him!

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Subject: Making love doesn't make FALL in love, find out what does inside

Hi it's [your name here],

Have you ever heard the saying that when a man is overwhelmed with passion for you he’ll promise you everything and anything under the sun?

He might promise it… but it doesn’t mean he’ll keep his promise.

No matter what he promises you…

No matter how intensely and brightly his passion burns for you in the moment, it will only last for the moment. After the moment is over, it isn't enough to make him want to spend the rest of his life with you.

Want to know what does?

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The tough truth is that no matter how attracted he is to you…

How much he can’t resist you in that really great little black dress...

It’s not what makes him truly fall in love.

A man will only truly fall love with you when you know this one secret to use during his moment of doubt and/or discouragement.

When you use it, he realizes that you’re the only woman who can make him feel truly complete.

Find out what it is here...

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Do this one thing, and he’ll finally realize it's pointless to keep looking for another woman because he’ll have bonded completely and permanently to you.

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(Your Name)

P.S. And even better – this will work no matter how he feels towards you right now. He could even be furious and giving you the silent treatment and it will still work perfectly…

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Subject Line: Could he be getting BORED of you...?
Subject Line: Use THIS and he'll NEVER be bored with you...

Hi it's [Your name here],

Today I need to ask you something that's a bit difficult.

What if no matter how much effort you put in, no matter how hot, laid back, and perfect you try to become, it still isn’t enough to keep the man you want?

Jeez – I know that’s as harsh as a slap in the face but please stick with me for a second…

Because doesn’t it seem like nowadays relationships are getting more and more difficult?

And with how easy and quick it is for him to find someone with online dating, don’t relationships feel kind of… disposable?

As soon as even one tiny thing goes wrong and he feels upset, he can use one of dozens of dating apps on his phone and find someone new like that.

There’s even an entire industry (The Hook Up Industry) spending millions of dollars every day advertising the idea to men that it’s idiotic to give his heart to one woman.

And the scary part is, men are listening!

Men are less and less thinking about falling in love and finding the one… and more and more fixated on having as many casual, “no strings attached” hookups as possible.

So if you want to avoid having every man you want slip away into the world of easy hookups and no strings attached sex...

And you want him to think of you as the only woman on earth he could ever want…

Then you need this, right now:

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Some women think that it’s about finding “Mr. Right”, and that when they find him he’ll want to be with her and only her, and never want to leave her.
If that were true, then you’d never hear stories (or even KNOW) of someone who had her true love look up an ex-girlfriend on FACEBOOK, all because he got bored of her.

I bet you have friends who thought they’d found “The One”, only to later discover he was cheating with some girl he met online… or even worse with one of his exes on Facebook!

That’s why it’s so important for you to discover a secret code my friend Bob Grant stumbled upon that is the key to unlocking true, lasting love in the heart of every man.

In fact, this predictable pattern is the one that every guy goes through before he falls in love forever – and if you miss a step (or don’t know what to do next), he’ll never stay in love with you…no matter what you do.

Check it out now: >>> [Insert Link]

Bob calls this The Bonding Code. As soon as you discover it, you’ll be able to trigger a passionate, endless, devoted love for you deep in his heart, which will never fade or die.

He will never doubt your relationship ever again, or wonder if another woman would be better for him – because you will be the only woman he wants to be with on earth.

He will feel so passionate towards you, that he’ll be miserable whenever you’re NOT in his life.

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(Your name)

P.S. So many women make the mistake of thinking that once a man falls in love, he stays in love forever. He will, but only if his heart followed the right steps… and the good news is… once you know what they are, it’s so easy…

Find out here:

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Swipe #5

Subject Line: Why he loses interest...
Subject Line: Why he falls out of love

Hi it's [Your name here],

I'd like to ask you...have you ever wondered how the male mind REALLY works? Especially when you have a great time with a guy and then suddenly...He doesn't call back.


You're in a committed relationship and he just pulls away emotionally, without telling you WHY?

Have you ever asked yourself what you did that made him create distance? If you're honest, you've probably asked those questionsbecause they didn't make sense. The reason they didn't make sense is because men are often just as emotional as women.

Strange I know but it's true.

The problem is that men aren't as emotional as often and when theyexperience feelings that they don't understand, they tend to pull away from a woman. But there is one thing that makes a man fall deeply in lovewith you, even if he’s terrified of a commitment...

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Bob Grant calls this the Bonding Code and I really like how he explains it. In fact, he shows how men and women actually fall in love differently.

Because once you know how to trigger his Alpha Bonding Process,he’ll become Emotionally Dependent on you and only you.

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[Your name here].

P.S. It's sad to say it, but just trying hard is not enough. What's just as important is knowing HOW a man falls in love.

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Swipe #6

Subject Line: I Hope Your Guy Never Says This..

Subject Line: 1 Words Every Woman Fears (What to do so you NEVER have to hear them)

Subject Line: Do THIS if you feel he's about to BAIL on you..

Hi it's [Your name here],

I need to tell you something very important. What are the 7 words that every woman fears?

“I’m sorry it’s just not working out”

And yet those words are becoming more and more common in today’s “Plenty Of Fish Society.”

Men are being told that "hooking up" is the way to go.

But what if you could awaken a man’s deepest desires for you? Stand out from all the other "fish"?

So he falls so deeply in love with you that he becomes immune to temptation?

>>> [INSERT LINK] Do THIS if you feel he's about to bail on you

In my experience 9 out of 10 women don't realize until it's too late that men fall in love differently than women.

Because even when he can’t keep his hands off of you....

Even when he daydreams about when he’s going to see you again...

Even when he tells you he loves you something inside of him remains cautious.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Like when you sense the kitty on your lap is getting ready to "bail"...

He may be with you, but sense he's looking for the exit?

This is because of a primitive protective shield around his heart that tells him “don’t let her get too close."

Just like the kitty...

Hold him too tight and he'll bolt.

If you're open to it....

There is something you can do.

You unlock his bonding code...

The Bonding Code was uncovered by Bob Grant, a licensed relationship counselor, who specializes in helping women fed up with men who won't commit or get serious..

Bob's helped thousands of women get their men to "settle down" (and have him think it was his idea.) and you'll be suprised at how easy it is when you follow the link below...

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- [Your name here]

P.S. Don’t listen to “the experts” who say men can’t commit. That all they want is a casual hookup. Every man has secret passageway into his heart and once you enter it, he won’t be able to stop himself from falling in love with you.

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Swipe #7

Subject Line: This Penetrates his "Man Wall"

Hi, it's [your name],

How do you know if the guy you love really loves you? Is it when he actually says, “I love you?”

Or perhaps it’s when he starts making plans to see you more often?

The truth is that unless a man goes through a very specific emotional pathway, he’ll never fall deeply in love with you.

===>>> [INSERT LINK]

This is why you hear (or maybe it’s happened to you) of a man suddenly “falling out of love.”

It’s not that he never loved her; it’s that his love wasn’t deep enough to keep him committed to her.

One day he says he loves you. The next day, for no apparent reason, he’s cold and distant.

What changed? What did you do wrong? The short answer is there are 5 stages men go through to fall in love.

If the pattern gets interrupted or even 1 phase gets skipped, this is what causes a man to suddenly “fall out of love.”

Luckily Bob Grant has cracked this code.

As a licensed relationship counselor who’s helped over 1100 woman, couples and singles overcome their relationship issues, Bob has found a pattern.

He calls this pattern: The Bonding Code—and once you know this secret passage way into a man’s heart, he’ll fall helplessly in love with you.

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But I must give you this warning. Some women have ignored his advice and wanted to simply let their relationship happen “naturally.”

Big mistake.

Assuming a man understands his emotions is just as dangerous a giving a 2 year old the keys to a car and assuming he knows how to drive.

Because what makes a man fall deeply in love with you isn’t what you’ve been told. When you know the secret passageway into his heart, he’ll realize there is no need to keep looking for the love of his life.

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Because deep inside his heart there is a tiger that’s waiting to be aroused.

And the one woman who knows this hidden emotional pathway once you understand those you’ll have everything you need to know to create a stronger, deeper emotional bond with your man, faster than you ever thought possible.

And then, you’ll never be in doubt over whether or not he truly loves you because it’ll be obvious for EVERYONE to see.

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[Your name]

P.S. If you don’t understand how he falls in love, then honestly you’re leaving everything up to chance. But now you don’t have to.

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