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1st Place - Jordan Hall

It is over. The dust has settled and we have our champion. Thor has left now doubt that he is the victor and a hard fought victory it was. Withstanding the late push from the Sith Lords and Dr. Manhattan wasn't easy, but he has earn his crown. His secret sauce? He is a master at list nurturing. Once a prospect is on his list they are slowly wined and dinned until they will say yes to almost anything. Great job Jordan once again!



2rd Place: Eric Charles and Nick Richards

The heavens lit up with that traffic surge you sent over the weekend. Such firepower, such magic, such....smoothness. Thanks for the feedback that saw our overall upsell take at 33%, with some affiliates getting a 45% upsell take rate. Nicely done.



3rd Place: - Chris Haddad

Chris, I'm sure so many of us feel this way but you've been the trend setter for so many of us. Watching you carve out new niches without this space. Creating ways to increase upsell takes (thanks for that) and being so helpful in more ways than I can help. You really are the Dr. Manhattan of marketing and the team you've surrounded yourself with is only going to make all of us even more money for years to come. An excellent showing Mr. Money Fingers!



4th Place - Rob Wiser and Jackson Lin

Guys, your insights on Mobile Conversion Optimization were extremely helpful. Every one of your offers I send for is like printing money in my basement. And it's legal!! An excellent top 5 showing and I would have expected nothing less.



5h Place - Mimi Tanner

Mimi Tanner, you sly dog. Going into this contest I knew you'd do well, but a top 5 finish??? Against so many big dogs? Let's face it, this gal isn't going anywhere. A 4% conversion rate bundled with a 38% upsell take and she's still counting her money as we speak. And those EPC's are just naughty. Great job!



6th Place - Travis Sago

With your uncanny marketing Xray vision, you always know what the "angle" should be and without your help this product would still be in the "testing" stage. Thanks for the push and insights. There is not better marketing mentor than the man of steel and your top 10 finish is proof of this once again.



7th Place - Michael Webb

Mr. Romantic. All those years honing your craft on the ladies until one day you met your match and settled down. Then you turned that talent into a Marketing Empire. Look at you now with money pouring in from so many Products that never go out of style. A pro's pro and worthy of your top 10 showing.



8th Place - Lee Baucom

Lee, every contest you suprise us all (maybe we should quit being suprised). Using a interview to introduce this offer was brilliant and your 8th place showing amongst the giants verifies your talent a content mastery.



9th Place - Sunny Ar

A master copywriter who has made his affiliates thousands upon thousands of dollars in the last 2 years alone. You're proof that hard work and determination do pay off. A top 10 showing with such strong competition only validates why your offers will always make money.



10th Place -- Mark Ling

With a late push this Marketing Titan has POUNDED his way into the final top 10. He got a late start on this contest or who knows how high he cold have climbed, but even that wasn't enough to hold him back. Congratulations on yet ANOTHER top 10 finish my friend!



Places 11-20th

11th Place - Mike and Gia

The Social Media Marketing masters. You were barely edged out by Mark Ling but it is a pleasure seeing you on the leaderboard. You're entered in the drawing for the Apple Watch.



12th Place -- James Akamaguna

James it was a pleasure seeing you on our contest board. We hope we'll see you again in our next contest. Your 3% conversion rate and 66% upsell take (wait, that's INSANE) have earned you a spot in all future competitions. We hope you'll be our partner for a long time. Excellent showing!!!!!


13th Place -- 1cbbbsales (who is this???)

A $8.70 EPC??? Ok, I didn't think that kind of epc was even possible but you've proved it for the last 3 months. I'll be in touch to help you (beg you) see if we can find a way to increase your traffic because this is rather outstanding.


14th Place - Nadine piat-nisk

With your cat like cunning you made a strategic shift and sent your list to the long sales page. I come to expect those kind of intuitive skills from you and you've earned your place in the top 20. Nice job my friend.


15th Place -- Jeff Radich APPLE WATCH DRAWING WINNER

Another old friend and Marketing juggernaut. Mainly in the health space, but his Melt Your Man's Heart product is a classic and well worth a mailing. Nice to have you for this contest!


16th Place - Carlos Xuma

A late push gets you into the top 20. Your smoothness is your key. For years you've made your affiliates more money than they can count. It is a pleasure seeing your expertise on this Leaderboard.


17th Place -- Daniel Toh

Nice showing my friend and to think 3 years ago you didn't even have a list. But look at that smile, 2 profitable companies and a relationship product that converts like free money. Nice to have you aboard.


18th Place -- mainoffers (now sure who this is)

Another new comer to our leaderboards. With 2 companies his time is always in demand. Nice to see your face on the leaderboard my friend.



19th Place -- showitto (not sure who this is either)

Another new comer to our leaderboards. With 2 companies his time is always in demand. Nice to see your face on the leaderboard my friend.



20th Place -- Otto and Susie Collins

Nice job on a top 20 ranking against such fierce competition. You've been doing this for years and all of that marketing wisdow was on display once again. We are proud to have you on our Leaderboard Hall of Fame.






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